Ben Walker Architects (bwa) was established in 2012 by Ben Walker in Ainslie, ACT. The office was formed to undertake small scale residential and commercial projects and conceptual research projects into the design of the city.

bwa has built projects within the ACT and NSW, including many that have received AIA awards over the past 7 years. All projects are undertaken with design rigour and exploration with a focus on buildability and sustainability in all decisions. bwa is committed to high quality design outcomes that respond to the nuances of individual client brief requirements.

For the previous 13 years Ben has worked for the Canberra offices of Townsend + Associates Architects and The Expert Client. He has undertaken a wide range of residential, commercial and urban design projects at both offices. These projects have been located within the ACT, NSW and WA.

Ben Walker is a registered architect in the ACT, No. 2385 and NSW, No. 9142 and is a member of the Australian Institute of Architects.

bwa approach

bwa strives to produce well resolved, innovative and practical buildings and projects through rigorous response to client briefs and project conditions.

The core philosophies of bwa are:

  • To absorb and analyse client briefs with rigour and attention to detail at the commencement of all projects
  • To provide a design response that is practical, innovative and elegant
  • To explore buildability and innovation through careful and robust detailing
  • To ensure that each project integrates environmentally sustainable principles to reduce energy use and cost
  • To work with clients through each stage of the design process to ensure that the built outcome achieves initial project expectations

bwa undertakes a diverse range of projects including work in the architecture, planning, urban design and landscape disciplines.