cp House

the alterations to this modest brick cottage in north Canberra has transformed the sense of space and light in the home. The home folds away on the northern side to connect interior living spaces to the garden, and provides new kitchen and laundry facilities to add amenity and practicality

cp 2 House

stage 2 of the transformation of this “ex – govvie” involves significant additions at ground and upper levels to provide new living spaces, bedrooms, home offices and library. a charcoal box hovers over a brick and steel base.

ha House

this project involved substantial alterations and additions to an existing single storey dwelling in Yarralulma. A new upper floor comprises master bedroom suite, childrens bedroom, study and library. A central 2 storey void allows excellent solar gain in winter and establishes a legible sequence of grround floor living spaces

ta House

significant remodelling of an existing cottage in Yarralumla focuses on retaining the workers house character while providing greater flexibility and amenity for its residents and their family

ri Studio

A small addition to the rear of an existing “ex-govvie.” The pavilion reaches up to gather northern light from above the existing house and forms an east facing courtyard connecting the interior of the new space to the large garden space at the rear of the block.

wa House

A linear farm house overlooking the paddocks that have been tilled for decades. A long concrete blade wall anchors the hovering rusted box over within an open and arid landscape. The landscape setting changes remarkably from season to season, and crop to crop. The robust and agricultural materials used are an appropriate response to this character

be House

be House occupies a site near the town of Braidwood. It comprises a linear volume running east-west to maximise northern exposure to living spaces. be House references traditional pitched and gable roof forms but is manifest of contemporary detailing and materials. Black standing seam zinc wraps walls and roof as a whole to clearly articulate the gable volume

os House

This house attempts to set a new standard for residential design within a green fields setting. The project responds to the views to the adjacent public reserve to the north and the elevated views to the mountains south of Canberra. Material choice and detailing considers the grey hues of the native landscape in adjoining parkland.

mp House

This house is located on a remarkable site in Mossy Point on the south coast of NSW. The block has spectacular views to the north, east and south across the ocean down to the town ship of Broulee. The house presents as a series of linear volumes running east west from the street frontage towards the ocean. The architecture is reserved on the western elevation facing the street, and folds open to the views and morning sunlight to the east and north-east. There is a clear delineation between the entry, public and private zones of the house in building form and material use.

photograpghy – Claudine Thornton, and bwa